Size; each side is 3,95 meter
Materials; Silver spinnaker nylon/ frame skyshark 7p

One of the most interesting geometrical shapes is the triangle and in 3D the four triangles, as a tetrahedralic cell. This shape is one of the strongest and stiffest shapes in construction. Also very interesting is the possibility to build large constructions from very small tetrahedral cells. Alexander Graham Bell, best known as the inventor of the telephone, was already building large kites/ airplanes with the tetrahedral principle in the early 1900’s.

The idea was to build a big tetraeder not with a lot of small cells, like Bell’s, but just 10 very large cells. In addition, the frame is not placed along the sides of the tetrahedral, but in the core, where the spars just point to the corners. This gives the kite an even more technical look and it is also possible to curve every sail, for a better aero dynamical performance.
The silver fabric works beautifully in the 3D shape, here some sides are bright white and others will be almost black.