European Sport Kite Championships (Eurocup 2010) at Calais

Yes there will be a Sport Kites Eurocup in 2010. This year France is the lucky nation to host the Eurocup in the city of Calais. Calais like to host the Eurocup for the promotion of their city. A lot of the budget will be spend in the promotion of this event. Let’s hope on big crowds on the beach…that will be good for the promotion of the kite sport.

The official Eurocup page is this;

Here below you can find n also the Eurocup information including the last information which reach me as Eurocup competitor and National Director BeNeLux.

Video clip of the EC 2009 in Weston Super Mare (UK). Just to get in the right mood…




28 september 2010


Euro cup 2010 CALAIS, FRANCE
start order name
2PP 7
briefing 10:00:00
10:28:30 2 REMIX
10:42:00 3 IN&OUT
10:55:30 4 AXEL’R
11:09:00 5 ATHANOR
11:22:30 6 COURANT D’AIR
11:36:00 7 PHOENIX
4IP 7
briefing 12:00:00
12:15:00 1 COLETTO Luca
12:25:45 2 YURIN Grigory
12:36:30 3 MAOICCHI Guido
12:47:15 4 PETZ Jurgen
12:58:00 5 MAGNIER Christian
13:08:45 6 FERME Steff
13:19:30 7 VAN DER GRAAF Marc
13:30:15 8 SECCHI Werther
13:41:00 9 DEBRAY Richard
2TP 4
briefing 14:00:00
14:15:00 1 CREAM TEAM
14:29:45 2 START’AIR
14:44:30 3 FLAME
14:59:15 4 KISSICOL
2IB 14
briefing 15:15:00
15:30:00 1 DUHAMEL Arnaud
15:37:45 2 BEASLEY Bryab
15:45:30 3 MASTROMAURO Laura
15:53:15 4 LUMIOTIS Antonis
16:01:00 5 SCHAPER Bernhart
16:08:45 6 FERME Steff
16:16:30 7 COLETTO Luca
16:24:15 8 DEBRAY Richard
16:32:00 9 CHERNISHEV Sergey
16:39:45 10 MISHCHENKO Viatcheslav
16:47:30 11 VERSTEEGH Stephen
16:55:15 12 BLAIR Cameron
17:03:00 13 BRIBAN Stephane
2IP briefing 10:00:00
13 00:10:30
10:15:00 1 SCHAPER Bernhart
10:25:30 2 COLETTO Luca
10:36:00 3 BLAIR Cameron
10:46:30 4 DEBRAY Richard
10:57:00 5 BRIBAN Stephane
11:07:30 6 MASTROMAURO Laura
11:18:00 7 VERSTEEGH Stephen
11:28:30 8 MISHCHENKO Viatcheslav
11:39:00 9 LUMIOTIS Antonis
11:49:30 10 DUHAMEL Arnaud
12:00:00 11 BEASLEY Bryab
12:10:30 12 FERME Steff
12:21:00 13 CHERNISHEV Sergey
4IB briefing 12:45:00
7 00:07:30
13:00:00 1 YURIN Grigory
13:07:30 2 VAN DER GRAAF Marc
13:15:00 3 COLETTO Luca
13:22:30 4 PETZ Jurgen
13:30:00 5 DEBRAY Richard
13:37:30 6 MAGNIER Christian
13:45:00 7 SECCHI Werther
13:52:30 8 FERME Steff
14:00:00 9 MAOICCHI Guido
2TB briefing 14:15:00
4 00:10:30
14:30:00 1 START’AIR
14:37:30 2 CREAM TEAM
14:45:00 3 FLAME
14:52:30 4 KISSICOL
2PB briefing 15:15:00
7 00:09:30
15:30:00 1 COURANT D’AIR
15:39:30 2 AXAL R
15:53:00 3 ATHANOR
16:06:30 4 REMIX
16:33:30 6 PHOENIX
16:47:00 7 IN&OUT

19 september 2010

Competitor’s list

France /
Ferme Steff, Desavoye Maxime, Flament Benoit, Debressy Frederic, Magnier Christian, Clause Maryvonne, Maire Pascal, Cossart Eric, Duhamel Franck, Duhamel Arnaud, Dancy Henri, Machuel Philippe, Beurey Stephane, Bayard Vincent

UK /
DI: Beasley Bryany, Blair Cameron DT: Flame (Burstall Fran, Hanckoc Zoe, Savel Barry, Higgins Anthon)

Italy /
Mastomauro Laura, Roger Samuel, Maoicchi Guido, Coletto Luca, Werther Secchi

Germany /
Schaper Bernhart, Richter Lothar, Petz Jurgen

The Netherlands /
DI: Versteegh Stephen MI: Van Der Graaf Marc

Russia /
DI: Mishenko Vyacheslav, Chernishev Sergey DP: Remix (Loskov Mikhail, Noginov Anton) MI: Yurin Grigory

(D – Dual-line, M – Multi-line / I – Individual, P – Pair, T – Team)

08 september 2010


Field Dierctors

D       HARTLUNG Andreas

UK     PARKER Mary Ann


D       HARTLUNG Martina

GB     TAYLOR Andrew

F       DUQUESNE Michel

I        GALLI Giancarlo


F       MARTEL Pascal


D       SCHNEIDER Jürgen

F       DUHAMEL Murielle        (reserve)


D       SCHNEIDER Sylvia

F       DURUP Michel        (aide)

Message by Hubert Dessaint, Stack chairperson; 2010 – 08 – 09

Pilots of Europe, welcome to Calais where the kite-fliers of France will have the pleasure to greet you!
Welcome also to those who come to support you in this competition which brings together the elite sport-kite pilots of Europe! We will do our best to provide the very best conditions for your stay in France, here on the wide open beaches of the Channel Coast.
Your co-operation in carefully studying the attached documents, completing them as necessary and returning them to us promptly will help us to make this event a success. The competition registration sheet must be filled in and returned, together with all the other documents, to the “Club les Galibots”, to arrive here by 3 september at the latest.
Your entry will become effective only on receipt of these forms, either by mail or email, together with the necessary payment. Those who wish to arrange their own accommodation or who will be travelling by motor home, please contact the Tourist Office (Office de Tourisme) of Calais Several packages have been prepared for competitors –

Competition registration only € 30
Competition registration and meals € 60
Complete package (Competition registration, meals and accommodation) € 80
Accompanying non-competitors (meals and accommodation) € 140

We hope you will have an excellent stay with us at Calais during Eurocup 2010. The committee of the FFVL for the region of the NORD and the team at the Tourist Office of Calais, once again wish you a very big “WELCOME”
SIEC Président

6 augustus 2010


Dualline Individual

3 Circle over diamond

9 Octagon

11 Split figure eight

12 Stops

18 Square cuts

19 Launch, circle and land 2p

Dualline Pair

3 Pair circle over diamond

6 Inverted eight with landing

7 H

8 Twist

9 The cliff

11 Meet again

Dualline Team

2 Pick-up sticks

4 Team hairpin

5 Arch de triomph

11 Cascade

14 Have Fun

16 Team Square cuts

Multiline Individual

3 Steps and turns

7 Arc circle

15 Pivots

16 Lollypop

19 Bumps

21 Diamond

Multiline Pair

1 Qisses

3 Quadouble

7 Circles and slides

8 Double diamonds

9 Lollypops

13 Pair pivots




Mail 05 July, Andrew Taylor

I have Pascal Martel who is currently STACK National Head Judge for France to act as Chief Judge for Eurocup 2010.

There are many decisions that need to be made “on the ground” and having worked with Pascal over many years I have every confidence in his ability to carry out this role.

As Chief Judge, Pascal will have overall responsibility for duties specified in the ISK Rule Book and ISK Judging Book. This includes the selection of competition staff for EC2010.  I have informed Pascal that I expect him to make his own selections though I will be available to serve as an ordinary judge and to assist with briefings should he so require.




04 july Drachten competition

Rumours that Andreas Hardtung will be one of the two field directors




[2010 – 06 – 30] Euro Cup bid accepted!


Calais, France; on the beach near the harbor.

There will be one field, 110 x 110 m.

Date, time

From friday 1 October till sunday 3 October 2010.
Earliest starting time: Friday 9:00 hrs
Latest ending time: Sunday 16:00 hrs


The program will be run on one field, so timing will be strict. Sunday will be a reserve competition day.
Competitors will hold demonstrations outside competition time (including Sunday!)


For competitors 60 Euro; for companions 140 Euro.
(this is a thorough estimate; it might be a little more, or less!)
This includes lodging, breakfast and lunch from Thursday evening till Sunday afternoon, as well as diner on Saturday.
Details about payment will follow; a special bank-account is already opened.

Place to stay

Reservations have been made; contacts only through National Director or organiser!
Auberge de Jeunesse de Calais
Avenue de Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny
62000 Calais

Subscription ,

It will be the National directors, Siec and the organisers who will select competitors.
A subscription form will be downloadable soon.
More news will follow.