STACK Eurocup 2008 Dualline Pair ballets

What: Sport kites Championship of Europe 2008 is the biggest International Sport-Kite Championship in the world. Here, qualified kite-fliers from all over Europe come together with the aim to become European champion.

How: Nations from all over Europe stage their own national championships under the auspices of STACK, the regulating authority for European sport-kite competitions. There are separate classes for two-line and four-line sport kites. Within each class, there are separate competitions for individuals, pairs (2 flyers) and teams (3 or more flyers). From each nation, the two best individuals, pairs and teams are invited to compete in the championship of Europe where a panel of experienced international judges, drawn from across Europe, will judge the competitors on their flying skills.

The competition is divided in three parts: compulsory figures, a freestyle technical routine and a routine choreographed to music. The format of sport-kite competition is, in many ways, similar to that for with ice-skating.

Ballet pair Version (F)

Ballet pair Wind Magic (UK)

Ballet pair Axel’R (F/I)

Ballet pair Diesel (UK)

Ballet pair In et Out (F)

Ballet pair Courant d’air (F)

Ballet pair TNT (D)

Ballet Pair Performance (D)

Ballet Nuff und Under (D)