Revolution kite Air-Brakes system

It’s an amazing discovery of the most sophisticated high-tech air-breaking system for the Revolution kite. More amazing is that you can make this for less than an euro, little more than a dollar, yourself. Here below the manual how to make and use them.

What it does

The brakes give you more control over the kite when you fly the kite over-powered. The brakes works as a wind absorber. When your Revolution is just hovering, it is doing nothing, when it start flying, it will breaks the kite more if the speeds decreased……… will slow the kite down when the speed/pull increases. The brakes work great on very unstable and gusty wind and it is great for team flying.

What to buy

You need to buy a pair of woman pant hoses. You can get two sets of them and the supermarket. One panty hose got two legs, that is two air-brakes. buy the biggest size, this gives you nice long legs for your brakes.

How to make them

Cut the legs from the pants. You will have two seperate legs, so one spare or for a kite-friend.

Make on both sides a loop with a simple knot. Don’t make the loop to big, because the brake will be to short.

How to attach the brake

Get your the end of your upper lines through the loops of the air-brakes and attach your lines at the bridle. Probably the air-brake will pull the tow points more together, but this is no problem when there will be a bit pull on the lines.

Enjoy your flight with our most sophisticated high-tech air-breaking system.

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