Wingspan 2,10 m

Height 0,78 m

Weight 200 gr

Sail Spinnaker Nylon / Mylar

Frame Carbon fiber 6mm

Lines 25-50 kg/ 20-30 m

Pull Light

Speed Medium

Skill Level Beginner-Intermediate

Wind Range 1-5 Bft.

The idea with the Destiny was to create an economy kite, with the performance of a big wing kite. The Destiny is the first small kite that flies like a bigger wing kite. This kite has all the benefits gathered from competition experience in it. The Destiny has a large wind range and flies very precise, stable and keeps its slow controllable tracking ability even in high winds. This makes this kite the perfect beginner kite, to learn the basics with. The Destiny continues even in the next level and is performing all the standard trick flying. The secret of the performance lies in its stable 6mm frame and the clever design combination of frame and bridle. All connectors are high-end and the same ones as used in competition kites. The sail shape is based on its big brother, the Define. This ensures the stability & trickability and gives every pilot the feeling of total control.