Delerium One Piece Cody

Cody’s Delerium

Size; 0,5x 0,8 meter
Materials; Polyester Spinnaker and 3mm carbon rods

The Delerium is the result of creative paper cutting from Ton Vinken. Ton’s challenge was to cut a cody kite from a single piece of paper.
The cody kite is a famous kite design from Samuel Franklin Cody and was used as a manlifting system. A train of big cody box kites was used as power source to lift a person.

The paper cody was the inspiration for the design of the box kite known as the One Piece Cody. The kite was in production with Designkites under the name Delerium.

The kite is great to fly in low wind and we had the kite flying on the most unusual places and kite festivals.