Defuse MK1

Wingspan 2,30 m

Height 0,84 m

Weight 270 gr

Sail material Icarex spinnaker polyester/ Mylar

Frame Carbon fiber 6mm

Lines 50-75 kg/ 25-35 meter

Pull Medium

Speed Medium

Skill Level Intermediate- Expert

Wind Range 1-5 Bft.

The Defuse is designed for freestyle and trick competition and gives the pilot the full spectrum of state of the art tricks like yoyo, Jacobs ladders, backspin cascades…etc. This kite performs every trick in the book with ease and very controllable, no matter slow or fast. You will be surprised by the precision of this kite, including crisp corners and nice
turns without oversteer. The construction of the Defuse is basic and simple, but its performance comes from that simplicity: the single long stand-off, which makes the sail very deep and makes the sail almost shaped like a double box kite. This gives the Defuse stability on its back, as well as on its belly, ensuring total control during every trick.

When you’re looking for a precise trick machine, just defuse this kite!

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