Define MK1

Wingspan 2,42m

Height 0.95m

Weight 335 gr

Sail material Icarex spinnaker polyester/ Mylar

Frame Hand wrapped carbon fiber

Lines 75-100 kg/ 35-45 meter

Pull Medium- Strong

Speed Medium

Skill Level Intermediate- Expert

Wind Range 1-5 Bft.

Hand-wrapped carbon spars, adjustable stand offs, adjustable leach line, adjustable weights…designed to win, no compromises.
One of the best kites you’ll ever fly, the Define’s got it all. Designed for competition, tested in competition. The Define was already a winner during its prototyping phase.
This kite has got a huge wind window and a striking appearance in the sky. The precision, cornering and tracking are incredible. Amaze the judges by the tricks you can perform with the kite, this big wing is doing all the tricks in the book; slow, fast, all precise and with ease. The kite is loaded with small innovations to easily adjust the flight characteristics and to create a nice smooth sail surface without line tangles. The adjustable leach line ensures good speed control during low and high wind. The slow tracking makes this kite very
suitable for pair- and team flying.

Define your wind window, define your precision routine, define your freestyle, define your own competition style.