“One of the best kite you ever flown, the Define got it all.”

This kite is designed for competition and became 9 times Dutch champion in the pair and individual classes since it’s introduction in 2004 and European champion in 2009. The Define mark 2, has been changed in every aspect to perform at the demands of the current competition scene. It got a huge wind window and a striking appearance in the sky. The precision, cornering and tracking are incredible. This big wing is doing all the tricks in the book, slow fast, all precise and with ease.

The Define is a result of years competition experience and is full of small innovations and features. Adjustable leach line ensures good speed control during high and low wind. Different whisker and bridle settings to adjust easy flight characteristics. The good tracking, precision makes this kite very suitable for pair and team flying.

Define your way of flying.

Wingspan 250 cm
Height 93 cm
Weight 340 gram
Sail material Icarex/ Mylar
Frame Avia G-Force/ Skyshark P2X/ P90/8mm
Bridle Classic 3 point
Pull medium-strong
Speed medium
Skill Level intermediate –expert
Wind range 1-5 bft
PRICES Frame Prices in euro
Standard Avia G-Force/ Skyshark P2X/ P90/8mm 199,00
Competition SUL Avia Super Skinny 249,00
Competition UL Avia Betweeny UL 249,00
Competition STD Avia G-Force/ Betweeny 249,00
Competition Half Vented Avia G-Force/ Betweeny 299,00
Competition Super Vented Avia G-Force/ Betweeny 299,00

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