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  • DEFINE Mark II

    DEFINE Mark II

    DEFINE Mark II “One of the best kite you ever flown, the Define got it all.” This kite is designed for competition and became 9 times Dutch champion in the pair and individual classes since it’s introduction in 2004 and European champion in 2009. The Define mark 2, has been changed in every aspect to […]

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  • DEFUSE Mark II

    DEFUSE Mark II

    The Defuse is designed for freestyle and tricks competition and gives the pilot the full spectrum of the state of the art tricks. The Defuse mark 2 is been developed to a full size trick machine with extra weight in the tail, adjustable bridle and adjustable whiskers. This kite performs every trick in the book […]

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    The idea with the Destiny is to create an economy kite with the flight characteristics of it’s bigger brother the Define. All the experience gather out in the design process of the Define and Defuse is used to design the Destiny. This makes the Destiny a very special kite to fly. The Destiny got a […]

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