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  • I4U Poster Genki

    I4U Poster Genki

    Size; 1 x 2,8 meters Materials; Spinnaker nylon, Carbon Fiber 6 and 8 mm Inspired by the Manga comics art, the idea was to make the eyes more abstract. The results are three designs which are now produced and sold by the kite company Siegers Vliegers. The more simplified design and more color contrast gives […]

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  • Delerium One Piece Cody

    Delerium One Piece Cody

    Cody’s Delerium Size; 0,5x 0,8 meter Materials; Polyester Spinnaker and 3mm carbon rods The Delerium is the result of creative paper cutting from Ton Vinken. Ton’s challenge was to cut a cody kite from a single piece of paper. The cody kite is a famous kite design from Samuel Franklin Cody and was used as […]

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  • Sanjo Rokkaku 120 for Mascotte

    Sanjo Rokkaku 120 for Mascotte

    Size; 1,15 x 1 meter Materials; Spinnaker Nylon and Carbon Fiber 6 and 8 mm The assignment was to design 10 Sanjo Rokkaku kites for the promotion of Sanjo Rokkaku battles at Dutch kite festivals. The Sanjo’s were sponsored by the brand Mascotte Spécial. The challenge was to make kites related to the brand Mascotte […]

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