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  • Japanse Sanjo Rokkaku

    Japanse Sanjo Rokkaku

    Sizes 200cm x 165 cm The translation from painted Japanese designs to the more simplified graphic design of fabric applications for mass production. Now in production. See also the plan . . . . .

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  • Who’s afraid of fashion

    Who’s afraid of fashion

    Size; 3 x 0,95 meter Material; spinnaker nylon/ different fabrics/ 6 and 8mm Exel and Skyshark Who’s afraid of fashion? Certain a lot of kite fliers! Have you ever seen a fashionable kite, a kite in the fashion colours? These poster genki’s are mix of spinnaker nylon and fabrics used as curtains. These fabrics are […]

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  • Tensigrety kites

    Tensigrety kites

    Size; variable Materials; polyester spinnaker, wrapped carbon fibre Tensegrity is the pattern that results when push and pull have a win-win relationship with each other. The pull is continuous and the push is discontinuous. The continuous pull is balanced by the discontinuous push producing an integrity of tension and compression. Buckminster Fuller explained that these […]

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  • Air Jordan

    Air Jordan

    Size kite 4×5 meters tails 50 meter Materials; Spinnaker Nylon 40gr/m Chikara Kite design by Dean Jordan Update Kite design by; Carl Robershaw, Scott Skinner, Jose’ Sainz, and Ron Gibian Graphics by Stephen Versteegh Built by Carl Robertshaw kite related design Renowned kite designer dean jordan first developed his Jordan Airform design after spending a […]

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  • Tetraeder


    Size; each side is 3,95 meter Materials; Silver spinnaker nylon/ frame skyshark 7p One of the most interesting geometrical shapes is the triangle and in 3D the four triangles, as a tetrahedralic cell. This shape is one of the strongest and stiffest shapes in construction. Also very interesting is the possibility to build large constructions […]

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  • Ribbon kite

    Ribbon kite

    Size; 1 x 30 meter Material, uncoated Spinnaker Nylon The Ribbon is actually a Della Porta kite, or as I know the kite as Russian Giant. Due the use of uncoated spinnaker Nylon and it’s very long tail, this kites performs in heavy wind. The tails are playful in the sky, the toys of the […]

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  • Pixel Genki

    Pixel Genki

    Size; 1.3 x 3.9 meters Materials; polyester spinnaker sail/ frame carbon fiber 8-10 mm The design of the kite was inspired by the pixel computer art. Here artists are always looking to display images with very few colored squares. The funny part of pixel drawings is that you can’t recognize the image at close range […]

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  • The Papillon

    The Papillon

    Size; 1,4 x 1,4 meter Materials; Polyester Spinnaker/ frame Carbon Fiber 4mm The Papillon is  a design from the French kite flier and artist, Didier Ferment. The kite can be built as single line fighter kite or as 4 line kite. It’s is very popular by many kite fliers and many Papillon’s can be seen […]

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  • Space Comic Sanjo

    Space Comic Sanjo

    Size; 2,3 x 2 meter Materials; uncoated spinnaker and carbon fiber 8 and 12 mm The challenge was to experiment with paint on kites, also there was the idea to make an “aerial comic”. The result is a part of a comic painted on each one of three kites. The story will be clear if […]

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  • Sanjo Rokkaku 120 Playground

    Sanjo Rokkaku 120 Playground

    Size; 1,15 x 1 meter Materials; Spinnaker Nylon and Carbon Fiber 6 and 8 mm The Sanjo kite is the perfect kite for children, so let’s find some special graphics for Children, inspired by the items from the Children’s playground but not only from there …some graphic designs were made. A number of the designs […]

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