Air Jordan


kite 4×5 meters

tails 50 meter

Materials; Spinnaker Nylon 40gr/m Chikara

Kite design by Dean Jordan

Update Kite design by; Carl Robershaw, Scott Skinner, Jose’ Sainz, and Ron Gibian

Graphics by Stephen Versteegh

Built by Carl Robertshaw kite related design

Renowned kite designer dean jordan first developed his Jordan Airform design after spending a summer tending Sutton Flowforms in Central Florida. “I just couldn’t understand why they would stop flying, turn upside down, and head for the ground. There must be a better large single line kite, but these were the standard at the time.”

Jordan developed a new single line inflatable kite design, incorporating his own slimmer rib design, with slits instead of interior holes, no holes in the skin, and short flares, along with innovative interior modifications. The kite stuck to the sky and a new breed of big stable inflatable single line kite was born.

Settling on the design for the 200, with it’s long elegant tails, the first ones over 200 feet long, was the beginning of what now was important life work, proving he could design a better single line kite.

Demand has grown for these kites, and he has developed a range of sizes, 200, 100, 50, and 27.
Allowing people to buy the plans over the Internet was an idea he had toyed with for some time.
“I wanted a way to cement ownership of the design, without filing for a patent, and going through the process of having to defend it every time someone wanted to build one.   I figured if we let the builders have the plans for cheap, and supported that, they would respect the design, build them correctly, and help spread the word, a form of share-ware if you will.   This has been wildly successful, as I’ve never come across one that was not licensed!”

This kite is special made by Carl Robertshaw as display kite for Mascotte. It’s main purpose is to attract the crowds to the kite festival. Probably you will find the kite on every festival were the Mascotte Kite Team is active.